Tess & Ian | Short Story Film / Mendocino Headlands // Sequoia Mansion, Placerville CA

Tess and Ian (aka #tessian) are one for the books! Tess knew it before Ian did, but thank goodness they joined forces


Alex and Adam were married at the Lighthouse at Glen Cove Marina, directly across the water from the C&H factory,


Life’s greatest gifts come to us when we are ready to receive them. Often times, we don’t see them coming,

Don and Ann | Eagle Vines Vineyard and Golf Course // Napa, CA ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

“In twelve, twenty, thirty, or forty years from now, let’s all go visit our friends Don and Ann, and I bet

Samuel and Corinne | LDS Temple // Oakland, CA « Direct Light Studios »

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” – Henry David Thoreau Samuel and Corinne | LDS Temple « Direct Light

Ian & Rebecca | Forest House Lodge ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

I felt like we had a secret, just the two of us. You know, like that thing where you just want to be with that one

Michael & Tanya | Chalet View Lodge ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

Marriage is a powerful shared commitment. Though marriage is the legal binding of two people, the truly important bond

Peter & Alexis | The Old Sugar Mill ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

Peter and Alexis have a story that starts with love at first sight. When they met, their lives were changed

Matt & Ashley | Full Belly Farm « Direct Light Studios »

Coming soon! Matt and Ashley say “I do” at Full Belly Farm. We love what their friends have to say about

Geno & Stacey | Palm Events Center << Direct Light Studios>>

“Marriage must be created. In the art of marriage it’s the little things that are the big things. It is

Geno & Stacey | Teaser Trailer

Looking forward to the premiere of Geno and Stacey’s wedding story! Until then, enjoy this sneak preview!

Casey & Haley | Chico, California « Direct Light Studios »

Marriage expands people as individuals, defines them as a couple, and deepens their love for one another. Love

Stephen & Kristina | Iowa Hill Bridge « Direct Light Studios »

Stephen & Kristina | Iowa Hill Bridge « Direct Light Studios » Colfax, CA, Wedding Highlight Film | 10 • 17 • 15

Jesse & Stephanie | Headlands Center for the Arts « Direct Light Studios »

It took several years of friendship before they realized that they had fallen in love with their best friend. By being

Patrick & Mary | Saddle Rock Ranch « Direct Light Studios »

There is an unwavering comfort that overcomes a person when they meet the one they were meant to spend their life

Scott & Sara | California Gold Club of San Francisco « Direct Light Studios »

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~Lao

Justine & Alex | V. Sattui Winery « Direct Light Studios »

Sometimes love finds us in the most unexpected places, and it brings us together in the best of ways. The moment

Ryan & Jessica | Tahoe City « Direct Light Studios »

Life is a great mystery. One of the best secrets about finding the right person to navigate through the journey with

Eric & Katie | Old Sugar Mill « Direct Light Studios »

The greatest stories are love stories because love is the most fundamental element of what makes us human. The

Taylor & Shay | Salt Lake City Temple « Direct Light Studios »

There is a force at work that allows us to transcend our human experience. It allows us to see what cannot be seen,

Blake & Margaret | Sacramento Temple « Direct Light Studios »

Families are forever. Even though this is the first of infinite acts promising dedication to one another, one look at

Anna & Rodney | Cornerstone Sonoma « Direct Light Studios »

What we feel for someone we love is transcendent of time and space. The most powerful way we can grasp this feeling

Nathan & Laura | Avio Vineyards « Direct Light Studios »

“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one

Edmund & Olivia | The Meritage Resort and Spa « Direct Light Studios »

One of our most basic needs is love. We are instinctively drawn to our significant others to find that when we meet

Tim & Linnea | Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens « Direct Light Studios »

“The best stories and fairytales that you are going to share are the ones that you create together. Nobody knows

Forrest & Caitlin | Rescue California « Direct Light Studios »

Marriage is one of life’s greatest commitments that fills us with the greatest joy. The promises made on a

Mike & Katie | The Westin Sacramento « Direct Light Studios »

What we feel in life is a reflection of our perspective and our perspective is carved from a life full of different

Rick & Amy | Stryker Sonoma « Direct Light Studios »

Perfection is something that we all strive for, even though it already surrounds us; we just have to know how to see

Eric & Olivia | V. Sattui Winery « Direct Light Studios »

The best things in life come to us with the right amount of persistence, and the right timing. If it weren’t for

Gavin & Brittany | Maitland Art Center « Direct Light Studios »

Maitland, FL, Wedding Highlight Film | 08 • 09 • 14 |

Tony & Kelly | Orchard Creek Lodge « Direct Light Studios »

Marriage is not just one ingredient; it encompasses a plethora of ingredients to form an entire intricate recipe.

Noel & Jamie | Julia Morgan Ballroom « Direct Light Studios »

Love comes from within us. It is something that grows with us our whole lives until it magnetically draws us toward

Chimdi & Xia | V. Sattui Winery « Direct Light Studios »

The rush of falling is the sprint of love, the joy of being is the marathon of love. There is an empowerment, an extra

Chris & Khara | Montalvo Arts Center « Direct Light Studios »

The one thing we can predict about life is that it will always be unpredictable. Sometimes we are faced with