Alex and Adam were married at the Lighthouse at Glen Cove Marina, directly across the water from the C&H factory,


Life’s greatest gifts come to us when we are ready to receive them. Often times, we don’t see them coming,

Don and Ann | Eagle Vines Vineyard and Golf Course // Napa, CA ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

“In twelve, twenty, thirty, or forty years from now, let’s all go visit our friends Don and Ann, and I bet

Samuel and Corinne | LDS Temple // Oakland, CA « Direct Light Studios »

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” – Henry David Thoreau Samuel and Corinne | LDS Temple « Direct Light

Ian & Rebecca | Forest House Lodge ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

I felt like we had a secret, just the two of us. You know, like that thing where you just want to be with that one

Michael & Tanya | Chalet View Lodge ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

Marriage is a powerful shared commitment. Though marriage is the legal binding of two people, the truly important bond

Peter & Alexis | The Old Sugar Mill ‹‹ Direct Light Studios ››

Peter and Alexis have a story that starts with love at first sight. When they met, their lives were changed

Matt & Ashley | Full Belly Farm « Direct Light Studios »

Coming soon! Matt and Ashley say “I do” at Full Belly Farm. We love what their friends have to say about

Geno & Stacey | Palm Events Center << Direct Light Studios>>

“Marriage must be created. In the art of marriage it’s the little things that are the big things. It is

Geno & Stacey | Teaser Trailer

Looking forward to the premiere of Geno and Stacey’s wedding story! Until then, enjoy this sneak preview!

Casey & Haley | Chico, California « Direct Light Studios »

Marriage expands people as individuals, defines them as a couple, and deepens their love for one another. Love

Stephen & Kristina | Iowa Hill Bridge « Direct Light Studios »

Stephen & Kristina | Iowa Hill Bridge « Direct Light Studios » Colfax, CA, Wedding Highlight Film | 10 • 17 • 15

Jesse & Stephanie | Headlands Center for the Arts « Direct Light Studios »

It took several years of friendship before they realized that they had fallen in love with their best friend. By being

Patrick & Mary | Saddle Rock Ranch « Direct Light Studios »

There is an unwavering comfort that overcomes a person when they meet the one they were meant to spend their life

Scott & Sara | California Gold Club of San Francisco « Direct Light Studios »

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~Lao

Justine & Alex | V. Sattui Winery « Direct Light Studios »

Sometimes love finds us in the most unexpected places, and it brings us together in the best of ways. The moment

Ryan & Jessica | Tahoe City « Direct Light Studios »

Life is a great mystery. One of the best secrets about finding the right person to navigate through the journey with

Eric & Katie | Old Sugar Mill « Direct Light Studios »

The greatest stories are love stories because love is the most fundamental element of what makes us human. The

Taylor & Shay | Salt Lake City Temple « Direct Light Studios »

There is a force at work that allows us to transcend our human experience. It allows us to see what cannot be seen,

Blake & Margaret | Sacramento Temple « Direct Light Studios »

Families are forever. Even though this is the first of infinite acts promising dedication to one another, one look at

Anna & Rodney | Cornerstone Sonoma « Direct Light Studios »

What we feel for someone we love is transcendent of time and space. The most powerful way we can grasp this feeling

Nathan & Laura | Avio Vineyards « Direct Light Studios »

“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one

Edmund & Olivia | The Meritage Resort and Spa « Direct Light Studios »

One of our most basic needs is love. We are instinctively drawn to our significant others to find that when we meet

Tim & Linnea | Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens « Direct Light Studios »

“The best stories and fairytales that you are going to share are the ones that you create together. Nobody knows

Forrest & Caitlin | Rescue California « Direct Light Studios »

Marriage is one of life’s greatest commitments that fills us with the greatest joy. The promises made on a

Mike & Katie | The Westin Sacramento « Direct Light Studios »

What we feel in life is a reflection of our perspective and our perspective is carved from a life full of different

Rick & Amy | Stryker Sonoma « Direct Light Studios »

Perfection is something that we all strive for, even though it already surrounds us; we just have to know how to see

Eric & Olivia | V. Sattui Winery « Direct Light Studios »

The best things in life come to us with the right amount of persistence, and the right timing. If it weren’t for

Gavin & Brittany | Maitland Art Center « Direct Light Studios »

Maitland, FL, Wedding Highlight Film | 08 • 09 • 14 |

Tony & Kelly | Orchard Creek Lodge « Direct Light Studios »

Marriage is not just one ingredient; it encompasses a plethora of ingredients to form an entire intricate recipe.

Noel & Jamie | Julia Morgan Ballroom « Direct Light Studios »

Love comes from within us. It is something that grows with us our whole lives until it magnetically draws us toward

Chimdi & Xia | V. Sattui Winery « Direct Light Studios »

The rush of falling is the sprint of love, the joy of being is the marathon of love. There is an empowerment, an extra

Chris & Khara | Montalvo Arts Center « Direct Light Studios »

The one thing we can predict about life is that it will always be unpredictable. Sometimes we are faced with