Edmund & Olivia | Review

"Extremely professional, genuine, passionate, kind, everything you would want your videographer to be. Laura and Dakin filmed our wedding a few weeks ago, and my husband and I couldn't be happier with their demeanor and how they handled the stress and unexpected nature of a wedding. Watch any one of their videos and you will see how hard they try to make each video unique and special. We can't wait to see what they create for us. we have full confidence it will be something special. Hire them for your wedding, they are truly amazing in every way." October 29, 2014

Chimdi & Xia | Review

"I am BLOWN AWAY! I was crying... Thank you so much!" December 5, 2014

Gavin & Brittany | Review

"Oh my goodness, Laura and Dakin, we....just don't even know how to thank you! I was crying the entire time. My goodness, I'm crying again just writing this. This was so unbelievably beautiful! It was such an amazing way to remember why this wedding began in the first place--because of our love for one another. That was so apparent in the video, and there is no better way to remember our day. We are so so so grateful for all the time and commitment you so generously gave us to make sure we had the best way to remember our wedding. What a perfect way to begin our anniversary! Thank you so much and we love you so much!!!!" August 9, 2015

Noel & Jamie | Review

"I know that Jamie had already written to express how grateful we are for the phenomenal work you both did on our wedding highlight and feature! I have to admit we have watched it daily since receiving it on Christmas Eve, on some days we watched it multiple times! ;-) Hence I wanted to personally write to express our gratitude to you both. Both pieces are so mind-blowing spectacular! We truly can't Thank you enough.   The best part is sharing it with our loved ones and seeing and hearing their reactions first hand! Their reactions have been priceless! Everyone single one was so impressed and taken back by your work...some have already taken to social media to spread your brand and the wonderful work that you do. We plan on doing the same and will continue to recommend you to anyone and everyone looking for a phenomenal videographer!" January 14, 2015

Brian & Skye | Review

"Where do I even begin… This is an element of our wedding that I knew we had to have.  In speaking with friends and family so many shared with me that they wish they would have hired a videographer to help in remembering the details of their special day… I instantly fell in love with Laura, one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met and knew that we would love to have her with us on our special day.  As soon as I said we were in…Laura was on it, instantly she wanted to know what was important to us and what moments we wanted to make sure we had them capture and they did not disappoint.  Down to the littlest of details, everything we asked for and more was included in our “feature”, it was truly amazing.  We will never be able to thank Dakin and Laura enough for spending our wedding day with us and capturing every last moment.  What the two of you created is beyond wonderful and something not only us but our families will cherish for a lifetime. You are no longer just a fabulous wedding vendor that was a part of our day, but you are now our friends.  Thank you for everything and we will absolutely be working with you all again!" March 26, 2014